What our clients have to say!

"Dale coached me for several months. She is incredibly easy to work with and approached my professional development in creative ways. She listened, came up with ideas and new ways of looking at the issues, and helped me to make rapid, measurable, positive changes. It was a pleasure working with Dale."

Employee, City of Raleigh

"Dale Smith and Smith Management Training and Consulting Services provided high quality coaching that resulted in real, positive change for our organization.  Her knowledge and personality created an atmosphere conducive to productive growth.  I would not hesitate to recommend Dale to any of my colleagues."

Blair Hinkle
Asst. Engineering Services Director, City of Raleigh

"Most notably, I have considered and developed more direct communication skills with my staff and co-workers. Through this process I became aware that my communication was not direct at times and in situations involving conflict, this indirect communication often caused me personal stress. Also, I have developed better time management skills through producing strategies to better manage my already busy calendar."

Phil Fleischmann
Parks and Recreation Director, Town of Chapel Hill

"With Coaching, I accomplished a better understanding of self and enhanced self-awareness - especially how emotions/expectations impact decisions; MBTI and EQI were extremely informative and helped me to identify personal strengths and weaknesses. Recognizing that work frustrations are directly related to avoiding difficult conversations."

Amber Joyner, The Fletcher Academy
Athletic Director, Healthful Living Instructor

"As a new supervisor, Dale's coaching helped change my mind set on leadership and management. She encouraged me to get out of the "here and now" and she helped facilitate a thought process around where I want to be in my leadership role. Her ability to coach, mentor and relate to various situations and circumstances made our sessions very engaging and productive. I look forward to future opportunities to work with and learn from Dale."

Austin Homan, Athletics Superintendent, Parks and Recreation Department,

City of Greensboro

"Thank you for your work, Dale.  Your assessment, information and perspective have helped me a lot to think about our transition to Jim.  I know from comments from Jim, he has also found it quite useful to have you around to help him think through some tough issues.  I thought you were informed in your comments.  I believe you solicited good comments because you generate trust. I like your enthusiasm for what you do.  I encourage you to follow your dream of assisting others.  Who knows, we may need you again."

Roger Stancil, Town Manager, Chapel Hill

"Dale always provided an open, non-judgmental atmosphere to where I was always comfortable to express how I truly felt. She helped change my approach to challenges through open discussions and asking the difficult questions that one tends to avoid answering."

Katy Keller, Indian Trail Recreation and Park Department

"I have known Dale Smith professionally for approximately 15 years. She has worked with our Recreation Department Leadership Team for the past three years. She quickly gained the trust and respect of our entire staff. She helped us to understand our individual strengths as well as our organizational vision. With her assistance, we have developed strategies to improve our service delivery and collect measurable data. Her coaching has made a positive difference in the leadership development of our executive team."

Catrina C. Alexander, Career Development Coordinator, Mount Airy High School

"Even though I've been through a rigorous Executive MBA program at a leading university, one-on-one coaching focused on me was an entirely new experience. Dale's excellent coaching provided me with objective and unbiased support and guidance tailored to both my organizational context and individual professional development. I was able to concurrently receive and benefit from both constructive feedback and professional encouragement."

Scott Bryant, Stormwater Administrator / Planning & Business Operations, City of Raleigh

"Thank you for your time and efforts over the past 4 months.  I really appreciate the way you worked with us and pushed us to stretch our thinking.  Your willingness to go above and beyond made a difference in shaping a successful outcome."

BD Secular, Human Resources Director, Town of Garner

"Dale Smith is an extraordinary mentor>, working partner, and colleague. She pursues the positive and unique characteristics within others and has exceptional ability to make all members of a group feel valued. She is a tremendous leader with great integrity and relational skills. I would strongly recommend her to any group or agency in need of her services."

Allison Dains Program Manager, Asheville Parks and Recreation

"When I first started I questioned if I was in the right field of work or did I need to start all over again. After my sessions with Dale, I was given the confidence and a clear understanding of how to accomplish and gain the skills I need to grow in my field, not only as an employee but as a person."

Jina Stamey, Director, City of Louisburg

"I hired Smith Management Training and Consulting Services to conduct a leadership retreat focused on change management. It was the best decision I've made in a long time. Dale Smith guided our group to understand each other's roles and perspectives, establish an organizational culture, and most importantly how we communicate and process change individually. We now have a much greater understanding of each other individually and therefore the entire leadership team. Dale Smith excelled in making each us feel comfortable as she was engaging, informative, and relatable to each person."

Ernie Pages, Director, Kernersville Parks and Recreation

"Dale led us through an energizing and enlightening day and a half of team-building starting with the MBTI profile and our results. The way Dale taught our team about our differences and how we could use those to our benefit was truly enlightening and fun. We were able to reach a deeper level of understanding about the different ways we all work and how to work with each other even though we are all very different people with different methods of achieving our goals.

Dale is a very motivating and engaging trainer, and I would encourage anybody who feels like their team needs some "bringing together" to reach out to her for some help. She was prepared and very professional. It was fun and we learned a lot about ourselves and each other."

Lisa Money, Yadking Valley Economic Development District (YVEDDI) Senior Services Director

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