Facilitated Discussions

Organizations rely on facilitators to help guide their meetings so they can focus on successful development and implementation of strategies for growth and solutions to their needs. Using Dale Smith as your facilitator can save time and money by using her extensive toolbox of processes as a starting point for designing meetings. Some examples are:

  • Strategic Planning: to establish direction and gain commitment
  • Issue Resolution: to gain agreement on how to address a problem
  • Team Building: to address internal strife hampering team performance
  • Employee Engagement: to gain employee or public input on initiatives
  • Meeting Transformation: to improve meeting effectiveness
  • Board Meeting Facilitation: to extract a wider breadth of valuable expertise and knowledge
  • Conference Facilitation: guide event and manage participant discussions
  • Focus Groups: to gain valuable feedback on a specific topic

Smith Management Training and Consulting will develop a collaborative approach to identify, discuss and resolve concerns safely. This will be accomplished by cultivating a trusting and open environment that allows constructive discussion among stakeholders.  The results would be a mutual and respectful agreement that allows the agency to move forward.

Let Smith Management Training and Consulting help you with this challenge!


How Did Coaching Support You?

""Dale always provided an open, non-judgmental atmosphere to where I was always comfortable to express how I truly felt. She helped change my approach to challenges through open discussions and asking the difficult questions that one tends to avoid answering."

- Katy Keller

Indian Trail Recreation and Park Department.

"Even though I've been through a rigorous Executive MBA program at a leading university, one-on-one coaching focused on me was an entirely new experience. Dale's excellent coaching provided me with objective and unbiased support and guidance tailored to both my organizational context and individual professional development. I was able to concurrently receive and benefit from both constructive feedback and professional encouragement."

- Scott Bryant

Stormwater Administrator / Planning & Business Operations, City of Raleigh

"Thank you for your time and efforts over the past 4 months. I really appreciate the way you worked with us and pushed us to stretch our thinking. Your willingness to go above and beyond made a difference in shaping a successful outcome."

- BD Secular

Human Resources Director, Town of Garner.

"When I first started I questioned if I was in the right field of work or did I need to start all over again. After my sessions with Dale, I was given the confidence and a clear understanding of how to accomplish and gain the skills I need to grow in my field, not only as an employee but as a person."

- Jina Stamey

Director, City of Louisburg